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6 Awe-Inspiring Tips to Organize a Remarkable Graduation Ceremony

Who won’t want to have a memorable and full-of-inspiration graduation ceremony? The answer to this question would definitely be—everyone! 

When it comes to preserving the moments of your students’ graduation from start to end with great achievements and appreciation, meticulous planning is required. 

Check out some of the must-follow tips to organize a graduation ceremony so that the graduates can realize what they have achieved. 

  1. Be sure to Evaluate the Required Venue Size

You must know the number of graduates, faculty, staff members, senior management, and also family members who will attend the ceremony. 

If you are aware of the overall estimated count, you can better evaluate the size of the venue that would accommodate them all and meet the needs suitably. 

  1. Put Effort On Venue’s Décor

It doesn’t matter where the venue is, you need to decorate it with banners in the school/ university color theme or artwork. Encourage students to contribute to crafting different decorative items. 

They can also make a photo slideshow of the prospective graduating students to appreciate them for their efforts and achievements. What’s more, to capture the overall ceremony’s arrangements and students’ happiest moments, you need to hire a professional school graduation photographer.

  1. Don’t Overlook the Location & Parking Facility

As per the total number of attendees, you can decide on where the graduation ceremony can take place. The school/university may have an on-site venue that can be decorated according to the theme of the graduation ceremony if it’s for a small crowd. 

On the contrary, you need to organize this ceremony at spacious event venues for the massive crowd. No matter where the ceremony is to be held, be sure that there must be sufficient parking space. So, the attendees won’t need to park their cars and bikes some distance from the venue and then walk to reach there. 

  1. Think About the Adequate Seating Set-Up

Ask yourself: will there be proper table settings or just chairs? For the graduation ceremony, it’s best to place chairs in theatre seating style. On the other hand, if there are to be refreshments or a light meal served after the ceremony to the attendees, tables are the best option. 

  1. Appoint Speakers as Per Needs

Don’t forget to narrow down the list of speakers for the graduation ceremony. Appoint someone to do the opening remarks, a student speaker, a keynote speaker, and someone for the closing remarks during the ceremony. If you want to ensure that the ceremony won’t drag on, then you need to inform all the speakers about the set time limits. 

  1. Bestow Special Awards

Everyone graduating has much more to be proud of and to appreciate. However, some students may have excelled, and the school/university wants to bestow upon them special honors and awards. It could be anything, whether it is a simple yet distinctive ribbon to be worn or a special appreciative ceremony within the wholesome graduation ceremony. 

  1. Offer Dress Code to Graduates

As the major contributor to the invitation, you should specify the dress code for the graduation ceremony. The school/university also offers caps and gowns that to-be graduates can rent. So, there won’t be any ambiguity on how students can come well-dressed. 

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